Arlo API documentation for developers

Welcome to Arlo's technical documentation site.


The Pub REST API is designed for Arlo website integrations and is optimised for displaying event (including pricing and discount info), presenter and venue information.

This API can be called from JavaScript without authentication and without complex parsing or transformation. It can also supports JSON and JSONP response formats, and is ideal for producing widgets of upcoming events, or pages of event and presenter information.


The Auth REST API is designed for systems integration (server to server calls) and allows deep access into the Arlo object model.

This API is more complex to use, and is intended to be used for integrating with external systems such as CRMs.

Arlo Web Controls

Arlo has produced a packaged set of JavaScript modules, called Web Controls which allows you to create a range of dynamic controls (aka widgets) for displaying event and training related data on your website. It works by providing a simple control definition and templating system that integrates with the Arlo API.

It has been designed to reduce the complexity of achieving this as much as possible, to allow you to simply decide what data to display, and where and how to display it.

WordPress Plugin

Arlo's WordPress plugin includes a full set of page templates and shortscode especially designed to make integration easy.

SAML SSO setup

Arlo supports SAML 2.0 as a standard for authentication and authorization for both the management platform and the checkout.