REST Auth API: EventTemplateDescriptions

EventTemplateDescription resources are a subresource of EventTemplate, and encapsulate all descriptive content fields for a template.

The resource includes a general summary, a XHTML description, and a collection of optional (custom) EventTemplateContentFields which can be used to describe event-specific details such as outcomes, prerequisites, or any other descriptive information to be included on the website.

EventTemplateDescription instance resource

Resource URI


Resource properties

Property Description
Summary An inline RichContent resource representing a short one-line or one-paragraph summary of the event, suitable for display in lists and search results.
Description An inline RichContent resource representing an extended description of the event.


Returns a representation of an EventTemplateDescription, including the properties and links above.

Optional parameters
Parameter Description
expand Expression referencing Link elements to expand when generating the response. See link expansion.

GET /api/2012-02-01/auth/resources/eventtemplates/123/description/

    <Content><![CDATA[Most strategic planning processes work from today forward not from the future back - implicitly assuming, whatever the evidence to the contrary, that the future will be more or less like the present.]]></Content>
      <![CDATA[<p>Extend your skills with data management and analysis, setting up and using charts / graphs and creating reports.  Learn to name ranges, customise numbers and consolidate data from multiple work books and improve your knowledge of absolute and relative references.</p>
<p>For those who have completed a Beginners' course or equivalent.</p>]]>
  <Link rel="self" type="application/xml" href=""/>
  <Link rel="" type="application/xml" title="ContentFields" href=""/>


Not supported.


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