The Schedule javascript control (widget) displays a list of categories and the event templates within each category. Each event template lists the next running dates from that template. The Schedule widget uses the category catalogue control to acheive this. See the Code Editor example below to gain a clearer understanding of how this control works.

This article will guide you through integrating a schedule control into your webpage that will call the API and render event templates according to your configuration options, template, and CSS.


Getting Started

An example configuration of the category catalogue control used to create the schedule can be found in the section on the category catalogue page.

Code Editor Example

For an explanation about the demo control code editors and how you can integrate these demos into your own page, click here.


See the Pen Schedule by Arlo Software Ltd. (arlosoftware) on CodePen.

Event Template Catalogue control configuration

See the control configuration section on the category catalogue page for information on how to configure the schedule control.


Information about filtering the schedule control can be found in the filtering section on the category catalogue page.

Custom Templates

You can write a custom template for your control using HTML combined with the Underscore library templating system.. See the general template guide for more information.

For a list of available template properties see the section on the category catalogue page.

Category Items Sub Control

For information on the category items sub control please see the section on the category catalogue page.