REST Auth API: RichContent

RichContent resources are used to represent property values that can include markup which may not be well-formed XML such as X/HTML.

This resource has no specific endpoint and is always inlined with resources.

Resource properties

Property Description
ContentType A string describing the media type of the content such as application/xhtml or text/plain.
Content The content data, expressed inside a CDATA section if the content type is not text/plain; otherwise, raw content data, but escaped as necessary to ensure the XML remains valid.
Example usage

The EventTemplateDescription resource uses a RichContent resource to represent the data for the Description property.

GET /api/2012-02-01/auth/resources/eventtemplates/123/description/

      <![CDATA[<p>Extend your skills with data management and analysis, setting up and using charts / graphs and creating reports.  Learn to name ranges, customise numbers and consolidate data from multiple work books and improve your knowledge of absolute and relative references.</p>
<p>For those who have completed a Beginners' course or equivalent.</p>]]>