Template level shortcodes

The following shortcodes can be used in the Arlo for WordPress plugin's templates.


In [arlo_event_template_list_item] shortcode, it shows a text according to the chosen grouping method.

In [arlo_upcoming_list_item] shortcode, it shows the full textual representation of the month.

Must be used within the [arlo_event_list] or the [arlo_upcoming_list_item] shortcodes or in the "Catalogue" template.


    [arlo_group_divider wrap='<li class="arlo-cf arlo-group-divider">%s</li>']

It will output the following HTML code

                <li class="arlo-cf arlo-group-divider">September</li>
                <li class="arlo-cf arlo-group-divider">October</li>


A placeholder shortcode with the global attributes, returns the given shortcodes within the opening and closing tag.


[arlo_label wrap="<span class='arlo-event-time'>%s<span>"]
    [arlo_event_start_date format="%a %I:%M %p"][arlo_event_end_date format="%a %I:%M %p" label=" - "]

It will output the following HTML code

                <span class='arlo-event-time'>Tue 10:00 AM - Wed 5:00 PM<span>

[arlo_search_field]From: v3.0

Displays a search form for searching events.


  • showbutton (boolean): If set to "false", the shortcode won't display a submit button.
    Default: "true"
  • buttonclass (string): Extra class applied to the submit button.
  • buttontext (string): Set the text for the submit button
    Default: "Search"
  • inputclass (string): Extra class applied to the input field.
  • placeholder (string): Set the placeholder text for the input field
    Default: "Search for an event"

[arlo_upcoming_widget]From: v3.2

Displays the upcoming events widget.


  • title (string): The title of the widget
    Default: Upcoming events.
  • limit (int): You can customise how many events you want to show in the widget.
  • eventtag (string): A comma separated list of event tags to filter the list by.
  • templatetag (string): A comma separated list of event tags to filter the list by.

You can define a custom event template in the content of the shortcode. Any of the shortcodes supported by the [arlo_upcoming_list_item] shortcode can be used.

[arlo_upcoming_widget limit="10"]
    <h4 class="arlo-event-name">[arlo_event_template_name]</h4>
    <div class="arlo-date">
        [arlo_event_start_date format="%d" wrap='<div class="arlo-day">%s</div>']
        [arlo_event_start_date format="%b" wrap='<div class="arlo-month">%s</div>']