Arlo WordPress plugin

Arlo's WordPress plugin includes a full set of page templates and shortscode especially designed to make integration easy.

You can download the plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory or you can install it from your WordPress's Plugins menu, just search for "Arlo event"

Please read our Frequently asked questions.

Getting started

The plugin requires at least PHP 5.5 and is compatible with PHP 7
We strongly recommend to set up a cron on you server to make sure that the Arlo for WordPress plugin can synchronize correctly with the Arlo platform.
  1. Install the plugin
  2. Go to your WordPress's settings, click on the Permalinks menu and set it to "Post name"
  3. Go to the Arlo's settings page, and fill in all the settings
  4. After you saved the settings, you can run an import
  5. You can add some widgets to your WordPress
  6. You can customize the templates with the available shortcodes

Pages and posts

While you install the plugin, it creates the following pages for you:

In order to make the plugin works, you have to publish those pages, and you have to set them for the appropriate post in the Arlo settings page, under the "Page setup".

Custom style

If you want to modify the look and feel of the plugin, add the necessary CSS styles to your theme, not to the plugin itself.

For every event a custom type post is created in the WordPress database. That allows you to use WordPress's built in search function to search for events.

The date that you can see in the search result is the date of the post, not the date of the event. If you don't want that, remove or hide the date from the search list in your WordPress theme.