Under the Arlo settings, you can specify settings for the plugin and modify the existing templates.

In order to make the plugin 100% compatible with your WordPress, you need to publish the pages that the plugin created for you during the installation and after you have to set them as host page under the page setup

General settings

Platform name / Arlo domain

You can find your platform name in the URL of your Arlo website. If you are using custom domain you can find your platform name in the URL of the management platform

If you want to re-import all the data, you can click on the 'Re-import all data now' link below your platform name. The import time depends on the amount of data in your platform.

Don't forget to save your settings before you click on the 'Re-import all data now' link

Price shown

Here you can define how you want to represent the prices in the plugin

  • Exclude GST: it shows an "excl. GST" label after the price
  • Include GST: it shows an "incl. GST" label after the price

Note, that the "GST" text comes from your platform settings, according to the region information. For example, if the region is set for UK, the label will be "VAT". Contact Arlo support to have this setting changed, however, note that this affects other areas of the platform, so consult with the project lead for your organisation about this change.

Free text

If the event is free, you can define here what text will be shown, for example ‘Free’, or ‘No charge’.

"No events to show" text

When there is no event on the catalogue or on the upcoming event list, the given thext will be shown. This text will be displayed with the [arlo_no_event_text] shortcode.

No event on template text

If there is no running event on a template, the given message will be displayed.

GoogleMaps API Key From: v2.4

An API key is required to use the [arlo_venue_map] shortcode. Here you can find detailed instructions about how to get an API key for Google Maps.

You need to enable the following Google Map APIs to your project:
  • Google Maps Embed API
  • Google Static Maps API
  • Google Maps JavaScript API

Import callback host From: v3.0

With the new Snapshot import the Arlo server makes a callback to the WordPress, so if your computer is behind a proxy server or you are using the plugin on your localhost, you have to set this setting and you might have configure your server/firewall/router to forward all incoming traffic to your server/localhost.

The value of this setting is usually a host or IP address with a port, like or 111.222.333.444:2365

If you are not sure about this setting, please contact with your System Administrator

Tax exempt tag From: v3.6

With this setting, you can define and associate a tag with your events to make them appear as tax free.

For more information, visit our help article how to set an event as tax-free.

Filter terminology From: v3.6

You can rename or exclude filter options from the filter dropdowns.

Available for:

  • Delivery

PagesFrom: v2.2

Under the pages section you can specify settings and edit the templates for Arlo global shortcodes.

Custom shortcodes From: v3.4

Using custom shortcodes you can add to the default set of global shortcodes that the Arlo plugin supports. This allows you to have multiple pages which display the same type of list but with different templates and settings. When creating a new custom shortcode you must specify the shortcode name and type.

Page filtered by From: v3.6

You can filter a page by the available filters. You can either show only or hide from the list the matching templates or events.

If a filter attribute is set on the page's global level shortcode, it will overwrite this setting.

If a category filter is set, the 'category', 'location' and 'state' filter dropdowns will respect that setting.

Page setup

From version 2.2, we restructured the Arlo for Wordpress plugin's settings page and you can find these settings for each template under the "Pages" tab

Upcoming event page

You have to choose the page where you inserted the [arlo_upcoming_list] shortcode.

Catalogue page

You have to choose the page where you inserted the [arlo_schedule] shortcode.

Schedule page

You have to choose the page where you inserted the [arlo_event_template_list] shortcode.

Online activities page

You have to choose the page where you inserted the [arlo_onlineactivites_list] shortcode.

Event search pageFrom: v2.1.5

You have to choose the page where you inserted the [arlo_event_search_template_list] shortcode.

Presenter list page

You have to choose the page where you inserted the [arlo_presenter_list] shortcode.

Venue list page

You have to choose the page where you inserted the [arlo_venue_list] shortcode.

Custom shortcodes From: v3.4

You have to choose the page where you inserted the custom shortcode.

TemplatesRemoved: v2.2

Under the templates section, you can modify the predefined templates with the available shortcodes. Within the templates, besides the shortcodes, you can use any valid HTML elements.

RegionsFrom: v2.3

If you have a regionalized platform, you can specify your regions here. You can find more information about a multi-region platform at Arlo online help.

You can change the order of your regions if you grab the line with your mouse and drag to reorder them. The first region will always be your default region.

It's really important, when you make changes according to the regions, save the settings first and re-synchronize the data.

To allow the visitors to select a region, you have to use the following shortcodes:

Filters From: v3.2 Removed: v3.6  

You can use the filter settings page to override the display text for filter options or hide filter options from your website. For each page and type of filter you can specify the text of the option you would like to change or hide, and then choose to provide a replacement value or to hide the option completely.

MiscFrom: v2.4

Allow to send data to Arlo

Arlo for WordPress will automatically send technical data to Arlo if problems are encountered when synchronising your event information. The data is sent securely and will help our team when providing support for this plugin.

Download log

Download detailed log.

Import fragment size

The maximum size of the fragment for the Snapshot import, in bytes. The default value is 524288 bytes (0.5MB) and the maximum is 10485760 bytes (10MB)

Wait between import tasks

The system will wait for the given seconds (max 15) between every import tasks.

Disable SSL verification for import

If your server is not able to verify the SSL certificate for the domain, you can turn the verification off, however, that introduces some security risks so we don't recommend.

Keep settings when deleting the plugin From: v4.0

Arlo for WordPress will keep your settings when you delete the plugin from the WordPress Plugins menu unless you uncheck this option. Settings like Custom CSS, Regions and your Arlo Theme will be kept and re-used on the next plugin install. On the other hand, by unchecking this, you allow the plugin to perform a complete clean up of all settings.