The Arlo REST Public API allows you to query read-only public information about upcoming events, categories, templates, presenters and venues.

This API is designed for website integration, including server-based CMS integration or client-based JavaScript requests to support widgets in a web browser. Since this API is not authenticated, details of unpublished, completed and private events are not returned. Access to registration and contact details is also not supported — the API endpoints do not return any information or content that would not otherwise be publicly available on hosted website pages.

If you require access to customer, registration or unpublished event information, consider using our Authenticated REST API.

Public base URL

All URLs referenced in the documentation are children of the following base:


The Public REST API is served over HTTP and HTTPS, and supports CORS for cross domain requests in modern web browsers.

Getting started

Before making any requests to endpoints, please read the important notes on making HTTP requests.

The best place to start when using the public API is the EventSearch endpoint which is the core endpoint for retrieving information about upcoming events, including dates, venues and pricing information. This endpoint is generally used by any widgets or pages producing lists of events with register links, or links to pages with event information.