REST Pub API: OnlineActivitySearch

The OnlineActivitySearch resource is used to query and filter online activity (e-learning or self-paced learning) information with associated delivery information, registration URLs, offers and tags. This is a key resource used to access lists of published activities and their details. This resource is read-only.

By default, if no filters are provided, this endpoint returns a list of all online activities for all templates. In many cases, only a narrow subset of activities are needed, such as those for a particular template. To support this, a range of filters are available that allow you to restrict results based on template, and other attributes.

Note this resource can be used to access only activites which are public (or published). Results do not include historical (completed), private, or unpublished activities.

Resource URI


General structure

This resource returns a collection entity with a StartIndex, Count, optional TotalCount (if requested) and Items collection with the results of the query.

      "Name":"Management 101",
      "Summary":"SPA advanced",
         "Text":"<p>The course covers the areas of planning, leading, organising and controlling.</p><p>Topics and themes include: ethics, rationality, strategic frameworks and international business, HRM, organisational change and innovation.</p>"
      "DeliveryDescription":"Watch a 1-hour recorded session and learn at your own pace!",
             "Type":"PD points",
             "Type":"PD hours",
                    "Name":"GST (10%)",
            "Label":"15% discount for members",
                    "Name":"GST (10%)",


Collection fields

Field Description
StartIndex The start index of the first item in the payload within the overall result set. Used for paging.
Count The number of items returned in the payload in the Items array. This value is different to the total number of results in the overall result set (the TotalCount field). Used in paging and represents the page size.
TotalCount The total number of results in the overall result set. This field is not included unless explicitly requested in the optional parameters.
Items An array of item records.

Item fields

Field Description
OnlineActivityID A GUID value that uniquely identifies this resource within the platform.
Name A string representing the name of the activity, up to 128 characters long.
Code A string representing the short code used when referring to this resource, up to 32 characters long. By default this value is based off the EventTemplate Code with a unique integer ID appended. For example, MGMT101-001 for the first Event instance based off a template with code MGMT101.
Summary A string representing a short plain text one-line or one-paragraph summary of this activity, suitable for display in lists and search results. If the summary is blank, this field will be omitted. Field from the EventTemplate.
Description A structure containing marked-up text representing the description for this activity's template used in sitations that require the template's full HTML content. This field is not suitable for display in lists and can contain arbitrary HTML including tables, lists and images. Field from the EventTemplate.
Structure fields
  • ContentType: String representing the content type of the description, usually application/xhtml.
  • Text: Text content of the description.
TemplateID An integer value that identifies the template associated with this activity.
TemplateCode The root EventTemplate Template Code used to generate the Code of this resource, up to 32 characters long.
DeliveryDescription A string describing the delivery of the activity, suitable as promotional text. For example Watch a recorded session and learn at your own pace!
ViewUri A string representing a URI where more details of the activity can be found.
Tags An array of strings representing tags associated with this activity. If the activity has no tags, this field will be omitted.
TemplateTags An array of strings representing tags associated with this activity's template. If the template has no tags, this field will be omitted.
ReferenceTerms A structure describing the vocabulary terms to use when referring to the activity.
Structure fields
  • Singular: The singular term for the activity. For example Video, Module, Course.
  • Plural: The plural term for the activity. For example Videos, Modules, Courses.
Credits A structure describing any credits associated with the activity, such as professional development hours or points. The structure supports multiple definitions (such as points and hours). Exact field names depend on those configured for the platform.
RegistrationInfo A structure containing information about registration for this activity.
Structure fields
  • RegisterMessage: String value with text to be shown in any register link or button -- see notes below.
  • RegisterUri: String representing a URI where registrations for this activity may be placed. If registrations are not being accepted for this activity, this field will be omitted.
Important notes
  • If the RegisterUri field has a value, it should be used in conjuction with the RegisterMessage field to produce a labelled link or button.
  • If the RegisterUri field is null or missing, the RegisterMessage must still be displayed as text (not a link). In these situations, this field usually contains a custom text message to be displayed for the activity such as Call us for more information. Ensure your display logic can handle displaying registration information as plain text, or as link/button.
  • It is important any code uses the RegisterMessage property for links/labels and does not assume it will always have the value "Register". The message field can contain other values such as "Join waiting list" when an activity is full but the waiting list feature is enabled for it.
AdvertisedOffers An array of AdvertisedOffer structures representing all promoted offers (pricing) for the activity, including base offers and discounts (if any).


Returns a collection of activities matching the search parameters specified.

Optional parameters

Parameter Description
format String representing the required response format. Only required if an Accept HTTP header is not provided. Supported values: json

NOTE: If this parameter is missing and no valid Accept header is supplied, the API will return a 406 Not Acceptable response.
callback The script function to call with response data if this call is to be executed as a jsonp request. The HTTP content type for the response will be application/javascript.
fields A list of comma-separated values representing the required fields for each record in the response payload. Supported values (field names) are listed in the Resource fields section. Field names are not case sensitive. Default is OnlineActivityID,Name,ViewUri
filter A list of comma-separated filters according to the filter specification for this resource.
skip The number of records to skip in the source results before returning the response payload. Used for paging. Default is 0.
top The maximum number of records to return in the response payload. Used for paging. Default is 20. The maximum supported value is 200.
includeTotalCount Boolean value determining whether an additional property (TotalCount) is included in the response respresenting the total count of matching records on the server, independent of the count of records actually returned in the response payload. Used for paging. Supported values: true, false. Default is false.


This resource supports use of filters specified using the filter query parameter. Multiple filters are supported and must be separated by commas.

See OnlineActivitySearch filters for a list of available filter codes and their specification.


This resource does not support the generation of facets.


See HTTP response codes and error handling for more information on the possible responses and codes returned by this resource.


Not supported.


Not supported.


Not supported.