Arlo Calendar Control

The Arlo JS Calendar Control is calendar controller for the Arlo event management system. It was built with Adam Shaw's FullCalendar and jQuery, so it's easy to implement, easy to use and easy to configure.



Include the Arlo Calendar Control in your page

You can download the Arlo Calendar Control library loader and include it in your page, but we suggest you to just refer directly from our fast and reliable CDN with the little code snippet below:

<script src="" defer></script>
Please note that the script above contains the "defer" attribute, which makes sure that initialisation script loads before the init.js file

Include the dependencies

The calendar control requires these libraries be included in your page.

For additional functionality the following libraries are required.

Custom Event URL

Tag selector


Date Selector

Add control containers to your HTML

Place elements on the page where you would like the calendar control to appear.

                <div id="calendar"></div>            

Add the Arlo Calendar Control initialisation script

This is where you specify the options for the calendar control and initalise it. The initialisation script should only be run after the Arlo Calendar Control library has fully loaded. To do this, place your initialisation script code inside a document event handler called arlocalendarcontrolloaded.

<script defer="defer">
    document.addEventListener("arlocalendarcontrolloaded", function() {
        var calendar = new LS.CalendarControl({
            platformID: "demo",
            renderTo: "#calendar",
            eventUrl: "{templateID}"