To keep the data synchronized with your Arlo platform, you have to run the import regularly.

Snapshot importFrom: v3.0

From version 3.0, the import method has changed. The new import requests a snapshot from the database and once the snapshot is ready the server makes a callback to the WordPress. That means if you are behind a proxy server or you are using the plugin on your localhost, you have to set the Import callback host setting and configure your server/firewall/router to forward all incoming traffic to your server/localhost.

With the new snapshot import, the importer downloads securely encrypted files and processes them in a faster way than the previous. If you have a big platform at Arlo, you should change the Import fragment size miscellaneous settings.

Asynchronous importFrom: v2.3.5

From version 2.3.5, the WordPress cron and the manual synchronization kicks of a background, asynchronous task for the import.
That means the import will run a bit longer, but you can keep working on your site, you can leave the Arlo Settings page, you can save your work, you can realod your admin page while the import is running in the background.

Please note that the import can run for 5-10 minutes, depends on the amount of data you have in your Arlo platform.
We strongly recommend to set up a cron on you server to make sure that the Arlo for WordPress plugin can synchronize correctly with the Arlo platform.


You can run an import manually from the Arlo settings with the "Re-import all data now" link below your platform name. The import time depends on the amount of data in your platform.

Don't forget to save your settings before you click on the 'Re-import all data now' link

WordPress cron

The plugin set up a cron job in WordPress for every 30 minutes. The import will run only if the last import was later than an hour.

The WordPress cron runs only if a visitor visits your WordPress instance.

Cron job

We strongly suggest to set up a proper *NIX cron (or equivalent) which runs every 5 minutes to make sure that the imports are running correctly.

For that, you have to call a similar URL with your cron


Here is an example for a *NIX cron entry

*/5 * * * * wget http://YOUR_WP_DOMAIN/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron > /dev/null 2>&1

Send error data to ArloFrom: v2.4

Arlo for WordPress will automatically send technical data to Arlo if problems are encountered when synchronising your event information. The data is sent securely and will help our team when providing support for this plugin. You can turn this off anytime in the settings.