REST Pub API: EventTemplateSearch

Resource URI



Collection fields

Field Description
StartIndex The start index of the first item in the payload within the overall result set. Used for paging.
Count The number of items returned in the payload in the Items array. This value is different to the total number of results in the overall result set (the TotalCount field). Used in paging and represents the page size.
TotalCount The total number of results in the overall result set. This field is not included unless explicitly requested in the optional parameters.
Items An array of item records.

Item fields

Field Description
TemplateID An integer value that uniquely identifies this resource within the platform.
Code A string representing the short code used when referring to this template, up to 32 characters long. For example, MGMT101.
Name A string representing the name of this event, up to 128 characters long.
Description A structure containing descriptive information for the template.
Structure fields
  • Summary: A string representing a short plain text one-line or one-paragraph summary of the template, suitable for display in lists and search results. If the summary is blank, this field will be omitted.
  • ContentFields: An array of DescriptionField structures with marked-up content describing the template. The order of the elements in the array represents the intended order of the fields on a page.
Categories An array of structures representing leaf categories associated with this template.
Structure fields
  • CategoryID: An integer value identifing the category.
  • Name: String value with the display name of the category.
AdvertisedDuration A string representing the advertised duration of the template.
AdvertisedPresenters An array of structures representing presenters associated with this template. The order of the records in the array represents the preferred display order of presenters for the template (if there are several). If the template has no presenters, this field will be omitted.
Structure fields
  • PresenterID: An integer value identifing the presenter.
  • Name: String value with the full display name of the presenter.
  • ViewUri: String representing a URI containing information about the presenter such as their profile. This field is present only if a URL with additional information is available.
Tags An array of strings representing tags associated with this template. If the template has no tags, this field will be omitted.
ViewUri A string representing a URI where more information for this event can be found. This may be an Arlo page, or it may be a custom URI specified by the event organizer.

DescriptionField fields

Field Description
FieldName The name of the field. For example, Prerequisites, Objectives, or Testimonials.
Content A structure containing marked-up text representing the text content of this field.
Structure fields
  • ContentType: String representing the content type of the description, usually application/xhtml.
  • Text: Text content of the field.


Returns a collection of templates matching the search parameters specified.

Optional parameters

Parameter Description
format String representing the required response format. Only required if an Accept HTTP header is not provided. Supported values: json

NOTE: If this parameter is missing and no valid Accept header is supplied, the API will return a 406 Not Acceptable response.
callback The script function to call with response data if this call is to be executed as a jsonp request. The HTTP content type for the response will be application/javascript.
fields A list of comma-separated values representing the required fields for each record in the response payload. Supported values (field names) are listed in the Resource fields section. Field names are not case sensitive. Default is TemplateID,Name,ViewUri
filter A list of comma-separated filters according to the filter specification for this resource.
facets A list of comma-separated facet requests according to the facet specification for this resource.
facetsfilter A list of comma-separated filters according to the filter specification for this resource that are to be applied during facet generation.

This query parameter is specific to facet generation and is independent of the general filter. It does not affect the actual results of the API call.
skip The number of records to skip in the source results before returning the response payload. Used for paging. Default is 0.
top The maximum number of records to return in the response payload. Used for paging. Default is 20. The maximum supported value is 200.
includeTotalCount Boolean value determining whether an additional property (TotalCount) is included in the response respresenting the total count of matching records on the server, independent of the count of records actually returned in the response payload. Used for paging. Supported values: true, false. Default is false.
region String representing the region to use when retrieving template information. Used only in platforms that have multiple regions installed. This value influences which templates are returned, and which currencies and tax rates are used when computing available offers for that region.

Supported values are dependent on regions installed on the platform. If not specified, the default region for the platform will be used when evaluating the request.


This resource supports use of filters specified using the filter query parameter. Multiple filters are supported and must be separated by commas.

See EventTemplateSearch filters for a list of available filter codes and their specification.


This resource supports the generation of facets that can be included in the result payload.

See EventTemplateSearch facets for a list of available facet codes and their specification.


See HTTP response codes and error handling for more information on the possible responses and codes returned by this resource.


Not supported.


Not supported.


Not supported.