JavaScript add-ons/widgets

Certificate search

The following instructions are for web designers who would like to add a certification search to a website page. 

Live demo

Try with 000001 and Arlo

Getting started

To quickly get started, download the ZIP ( which is a standalone sample of the certification check page that you can model your certification search from.


  1. Take the HTML from the sample CertificationCheck.htm file and add it to your own page. You are free to change the HTML as long as the following are maintained:
    • Javascript references to jQuery (version 1.43 or higher), jQuery jtemplates plugin (attached) and the CertificationSearchControl (attached)
    • An input for certification code with id = "ls-search-code"
    • An input for surname with id = "ls-search-surname"
    • A search button or clickable element with id = "ls-search-button"
    • Update the parameters in the instantiation of the LS.CertificationSearchControl. Match the element id’s to your updated HTML if changed.
  2. Update the search results template HTML if required (currently outputs as tables). This may require some understanding of the jQuery jtemplates plugin for which documentation can be found at
  3. Update the platformUrl parameter in the javascript to match the URL of your platform (e.g.
  4. Add CSS for the form, searching container, error container and results.